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Nandos Bahrain

Nandos Bahrain is a food brand that has restaurants all around Bahrain. For todays review we visited the Juffair branch. The Juffair branch interiors were chic and created a warm atmosphere. Their round table seatings sure gave a comfy close feel as we sat with friends.

The one thing that Nandos is known for is their sauces. The sauces with the chicken go really well. They are a blend of spicy, tangy and saucy. They had the Nandos sauces in flavors of – garlic mild, wild herbs, hot sauce, extra hot sauce. Wild herbs was my favorite.

Incase you have entertainer, you can use the buy 1 get 1 free offers.

Their timings – they open from 12 PM and close at 1:30 AM

What is a must eat food at Nandos Bahrain

Half chicken with one side (this is well marinated chicken grill in chicken breast and bone piece)

Espetada with 2 side dishes (this is grilled cut chicken and vegetables presented hanging on a skewer stand marinated with sauces)

We tried many sides and we liked the below.


Peri-Toto (marinated saucy wedges)❤️

Peri peri wedges (crisp fries)

Spicy Rice (nice marinated rice)

Mashed potato (creamy)

Grilled vegetables (tasted good- capsicum, carrot and onions)

Wild herbs sauce is my favorite.

Strawberry Margarita ❤️

Also took Coke Zero – this has unlimited refills.

Where is Nandos Bahrain located?

It is located all around Bahrain.

The Juffair Nandos:-

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