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The Giveaway’s Hall of Fame

“The more you give, the less you need.”

― Stephen Richards



Here is a list of all our contests with our amazing lucky winners! Giveaways are our small way of giving back to our foodie family who support us and keep giving us love throughout our blogging journey. We are forever grateful to you all for all the love and support you shower on us and this blog!


  1. Please do not use bots on your accounts to spam comments. We have tools to identify when bots are being used.
  2. Please do not copy-paste the same comments multiple times
    • Eg. Your answer for giveaway question + tagged friends is spammed multiple times. We encourage genuine participation and that means you taking the effort to tag your actual friends with who you share the love of food.
    • I do not use any comment picker so the probability of your winning doesn’t decide on the number of spam comments but rather on genuine engagement with this page. We want to ensure that people who actually put effort to win!
  3. To those who unfollow after the giveaway, I am sorry to say that I will block your account permanently. If you do not value our time, work, and effort, I am sorry to say it’s best off this way.
  4. Do not use multiple bot accounts.
    • We go through each account to ensure that real people win the giveaway and not bot accounts.
  5. Follow the rules.
    • If the giveaway requires you to tag 3 people, then please tag a minimum of 3 people for each comment to be eligible for the giveaway count. If you tag 1 person per comment and keep spamming, it is unfair to others who actually tagged multiple people in their many comments. Those who actually put in the real effort to win will be rewarded!

4. Giveaway coming soon ♥

Are you all excited about another giveaway? We need ideas. Do you have a good giveaway idea? DM us on with your ideas!

3. The Frappe Giveaway (Closed on 26th October 2020)

Another giveaway as promised and in this, get a chance to win my favorite frappes! This giveaway is not sponsored.

  • Price: 2 winners get 2 of my favorite frappes in the city!
  • Platform: Instagram
  • Stats:
    • Likes : 435
    • Comments : 130
    • Impressions : 23,000+
  • Winners of the giveaway are:

Bahrain winner

Bhavna Malkani

Mangalore winner

Cleonna W. Rodrigues

2. #4K Giveaway 2.0 with Asha’s Bahrain (Closed on 11th October 2020)

On reaching 4000+ followers on Instagram, we decided to do a second giveaway as a lot of you had requested us to do more giveaways! The winner will receive a personally curated gift hamper from Ashas Bahrain.

  • Price: 5 personally curated gift hamper of Asha’s Best Dishes aggregating to BHD 25 (INR 5000)
  • Sponsored By: Asha’s Bahrain
  • Platform: Instagram
  • Stats:
    • Registered Video Views : 6,264
    • Comments : 1,530
    • Impressions : 54,300

Here are the 5 winners of this giveaway:

Mohamed Akbar
Jyoti Eshwar
Joyline Dsilva
Clara Danti
Christina Sunny

1. #4K+ Contest with Shake Factory (Closed on 20th September 2020)

On reaching 4000+ followers on Instagram, we decided to do a small giveaway as a sign of our gratitude! All the best my foodie family! This giveaway is applicable to only the residents of Mangalore and is to be participated on our Instagram channel!

  • Price: 4 Vouchers aggregating to INR 1000
  • Sponsored By: Shake Factory Mangalore
  • Platform: Instagram
  • Stats:
    • Likes : 736
    • Comments : 2,300
    • Impressions : 4,500 (Corrected)
  • Here are the 4 winners of this giveaway:

Thank you for participating my foodie family! There could only be 4 winners this time but there will be more giveaways coming soon! Stay tuned!