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Al Baik Bahrain

Al Baik Bahrain is located in Bahrain at City Center Mall & Sultan Mall. They offer fried chicken combos, sandwiches, burgers and shawarmas at good prices.

I love coming to the city centre al Baik shop for their breakfast options. My favorites are highlighted below incase you are interested.

There is a huge hype to the food here, I am not sure why but their service is really quick and I would go back for a quick bite. To know the must try here, scroll down below!

Basic Info

Time: Same as mall timings.
Parking: Yes, Mall parking.
Price Range: BHD 2 to 5 for two

What to try at Al Baik?

  • Chicken Fillet Nuggets Meal
  • Shawarma Sandwich with garlic sauce
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Egg sandwich (breakfast 😍)
  • Egg sandwich with cheese 😍😍
  • Also Egg sandwich with Grilled chicken and cheese 😍😍

Where is it located?

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