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The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain

Lost Paradise Bahrain or The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain is located in South of Bahrain. It is one of the largest water parks located in Bahrain. The theme revolved around an Arabian Palace or land filled with exciting experience for its visitors. They have a variety of water rides and slides both suited to adults and children. To know more about this place, continue reading because you are in for a treat.

What are the timings for Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain?

They are open from 10 AM to 10 PM.

It is for sure 12 PM to 1 AM During Ramadan because that is when I went.

Although we noticed people reaching at 2 PM onwards to avoid the harsh sun 😛

What is the contact for Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain?

You can contact them on 1784 5100. I had few queries and they were happy to help on this number.

What is the entry charge for Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain?


The ticket is priced at BHD 20 for above 1.2m and below BHD 10. It is free for children below 5 years.

However, during ramadan and labour day, they had a discounted price of BHD 8. They also have separate Family offer for 2 adults and 2 children with food and other amenities, you can check more on this on their website at the ticket booking link –

Also make sure to buy your discounted tickets online on their website 1 day prior because they do not sell tickets for the same day.

You can also find discounted tickets on Ootlah for the same day, I purchased mine here at BHD 9.5.

Update in 2023:-

The Ramadan offers were changed this year. We visited after Eid. When we visited again in 2023 the full rates were 23 BHD including tax. If you have Entertainer, then you have buy 1 get 1 free option. There are also other websites selling the tickets with discount such as ootlah etc..

Is parking available with Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain?

Yes, there is ample parking space available here.

How does the transportation look like?

I personally drew here. You would have to arrange transportation for yourself. I am not aware of any other means of transport to this location.

What to at Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain?

There are many fun things to do here. Let me list them down for you:-

  1. Book the Chalet/ Hut and have a private experience by the Wave pool with your family and friends.
  2. Shop or enjoy the cafe experiences set inside this amusement park.
  3. Lay by the wave pool beach and enjoy the sun.
  4. Relax at the spa pool and enjoy some drinks if their drink cafe is open.
  5. Play water volleyball with your friends at the oasis pool.
  6. Be lazy and let yourself flow and float across the park on a float. (Best to do earlier during the day so you do not freeze if it is cold at night)
  7. Kids Rain Fortress and Pirate Ship slide for your children. (Love the water falling down every minute as if you are under a waterfall)
  8. Tots pool (For the children I believe, cannot not really remember this place specifically.)
  9. Body slide and speed slide (Could not try due to lack of time but you definitely can)
  10. Wave pool (Let yourself flow with the waves every 10 mins, it is fun)
  11. Family raft ride (Enjoy with your families) and Aqua loop rocket slide (Enjoy by yourself, remember to take a deep breath)
  12. Tube slides (Not too scary but fun – one type is open slides and the other is closed)
  13. Boomerang and super bowl (This is a little scary and so much fun)

My Experience at The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain

When you come through the entrance, the security checks your bag and then send you to the ticket counter.  Please note that if you want to buy the tickets on any ongoing promotions, then make sure to purchase the tickets one day prior because the lpod website will not have tickets for the same day. In my case, I made this mistake and then almost had to purchase the tickets at full price of 20 BHD. Luckily, there was ootlah. The lpod offer was 8 and the ootlah offer was 9.5. We wanted to go the same day so we went with the 9.5 tickets.

Once your tickets are done they give you a watch, which you must wear as this will be used to get entrance to the park by scanning your watch on access door.

Once you enter through the access door to park entrance, there is the cafe and the souq area. You can find towels and clothes and other accessories here. However, these are priced on the higher end.

Also, no food is allowed to be taken inside. However, they have 3 restaurants/ cafes inside.

When you are at the souq Area, you have to buy locked space if you want to put your bags and belongings in a safe place. The smaller locker costs 5 bhd and bigger 7 bhd, for which a yellow watch will be given with a number. Bhd 2 will be refunded to you when you return the watch.

Once you come out to the park from the souq area, the lockers are near the changing rooms. Find your locker number, change and store your belongings and go enjoy the park.

We loved the lazy river and the wave pool. The wave pool water is warmer unlike the lazy river. I will avoid going to lazy river at night because it tends to become cold.

The wave pool is fun and is great to swim a well besides enjoying waves every 10 mins.

The kids have their fortress and pirate ship to play at.

The spa pool is nice and chic. We started with this and enjoyed it as the view was great. Make sure to sit on the seats where the bubble erupt for a back massage and climb in the centre fountain here to enjoy the falling water for a shower and massage.

The Oasis pool is more like a volleyball court. We didn’t have a ball and I wasn’t sure if they were providing one. In the end we didn’t try due to lack of time.

There is another tots pool slides which we didn’t try due to lack of time. However it didn’t sound scary enough so we are fine.

The family raft and rocket slider were fun and a Lil scary but was thoroughly enjoyable.

The slides near the wave pool were not scary enough but fun nonetheless.

In the end we took a hot shower to clean ourselves and then got ready to leave.

For snacking we went to the cafe and ordered chicken croquette and Mac n cheese croissant. Both of them came with drinks and we can choose cold or hot drinks. They came with fries which we enjoyed with 2 of the sauces that came with it.

What to do about the food in Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain?

You are not allowed to bring food from outside. They have 3 restaurants/cafes which serves snacks, burgers, pizzas, pasta with soft drinks coffee and tea.

During ramadan, there was only 1 cafe open. However they had their Iftaar buffet and Ghabgha buffets priced at BHD 10 and 12 respectively.

Where is the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Bahrain located?

It is located in South Bahrain near Zallaq. Here is a helpful google map below.

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