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The Creek Dubai , UAE

The Creek Dubai is located in UAE. The Creek is a waterway in dubai which extends for 9 miles and forms a natural port, which is one the first ones in the United Arab Emirates.

What is the ticket cost to the Creek Dubai

The ticket cost 2 AED.

If you have your metro card you can just swipe your card.

Where is the Dubai Creek and how to get to it?

You can take a metro ride to the creek metro station and then walk 1 minute to reach the boat ride.

They have a boat every 30 mins.

How did the boat ride of the Creek go?

We sit in a dark wooden boat and pass through the beauty of northern Dubai.

We reach the Dubai City Festival Mall and walk around the corniche enjoying the view.

We went during the day and perhaps there is a fountain dance here at night.

When you go around the mall you have so many food options.

We choose to visit IKEA dubai which is connected to the mall. We loved their food options. To read out more about IKEA dubai, there is a separate post.

Overall, it is very refreshing to take the boat. We returned by taxi as we were in a hurry to reach another place.

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