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Starbucks Bahrain – Favorite Must Try Coffees

Starbucks is a coffee brand which is famous across the Globe. Starbucks Bahrain is one among our favorite places to have coffee. We personally love sitting and chatting with friends here. I also love finishing up some work on my laptop while charging here. The free wifi in some stores is a plus.To know which coffee is a must have here, scroll down below!

I have noticed that some of the stores have stopped asking and writing our names on the cup. Since I am used to this in the past, feels odd when they do not do this.

Price Range: BHD 3 to 6 for two.

What to try at Starbucks?

  1. Iced Double Espresso Shot Classic
  2. Hot White Mocha
  3. Americano
  4. Hot Chocolate

For snacks, do try the

  • Spinach and the Feta Cheese Sandwich or
  • Skinny Blueberry Muffin

Do Starbucks Deliver in Bahrain?

No, but you can order from Starbucks via Talabat.

How many Starbucks branches are there in Bahrain?

I read on Alshaya group page that their starbuck stores are located in 38 locations in bahrain. However, this number is changing and I have seen few new stores recently.

Where are Starbucks stores located in Bahrain?

We have a personal few favorite location of Starbucks. Incase you want to know all the locations, click here.

With this, we hope you enjoy your coffee with our few recommendations. If you have any favorite coffees, type in the comments below.

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