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Senor Pacos Bahrain Adliya – Señor Paco’s

Senor Pacos Bahrain is located in Adliya, near um al hassam. They are a Mexican restaurant serving Authentic Mexican food. To know our experience here and our favorites, keep reading down.

Senor Pacos Bahrain Adliya

The interiors are chic and decorated with all things mexican. It is also dimly lit. You can wear the mexican hats and take quite the selfies with your mates. Also, if it is your birthday, they get you a Birthday Baby Cake and sing you a birthday song!

They have a seperate non-smoking and smoking area. The smoking area has the live musicians playing a number of catchy songs that can make you dance on the floor and have a good time. 

The staff were polite and courteous. The food took some time to be served.

You can contact them on  1772 5873

Note : You need to make reservations in advance especially the weekends. Reservations are best done a week in prior because even on wed the reservation for fri was full.

Their timings are from 12 PM to 3 PM and evenings 6 PM to 12 AM.

Ample parking is available here. The security guides you to park appropriately.

Senor Pacos Bahrain Adliya

What food to order at Senor Pacos Bahrain?

Botanas platter (nachos, quesadillas, flautas [rolls], conqueso – [cheese dip] with accompanied sauces)

Combo Cozumel (pork burrito, enchilada and relieno with Mexican rice and beans)

Chicken/Brisket nachos.

Sizzling Fajitas on the sizzler plate were nice too. (You can order this without a sizzler plate too)

The garlic prawns were yum too.

Fried calamari,

Shrimp Crisps

Taco salad bowl with boiled chicken

Other dishes to try here – Pork burrito, Fried calamari, Fried jalapeños

They also provide free unlimited dry nachos chips and salsa sauce for munchies.

If you like cocktails, their margaritas are a must try. We loved the peach and strawberry flavor. The lime and kiwi flavor is loved by those who enjoy tangy flavors.

#Event – Every Monday is “Margarita Night” as they say – Buy a pitcher of Margarita and get a Free pitcher of Margarita!

I will skip tacos and quesadilla next time as they were fine.

Where is Senor Pacos Bahrain located?

Location : Road No 3605, Manama, Bahrain

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