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Pickl Bahrain Seef – Burgers

Pickl Bahrain is located In Seef Area near to A’Ali Mall. They offer a variety of hamburgers and fries along with different kinds of sauce. To know the must try food here, keep scrolling down.

Timings – they are open from 12 PM to 1 AM – on weekends they close at 2 AM.

What is a must eat at Pickl Bahrain Seef?

The bbq bacon cheese burger was the best. (The fried onions have a good crisp, the patty was juicy and overall the sweet barbecue and ranch sauce gave it a good finish)

All cheese burger patty are the same.

Jeff sauce is of a similar build except that it doesn’t have bbq sauce and so will be less sweet.

The new Yorker cheese burger has a bit of veggies and less of sauces – it was juicy and the flavor of the meat was quite evident and delectable.

The bespoke burgers can be customized. You can choose 2 sauces and any of the 9 toppings you like on this. We recommend the secret sauce for sure.
We also tried the sando fries topped with broasted chicken and come back sauce

Where is Pickl Bahrain Seef located?

They are located near A’Ali mall in seef area.

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