6 Myths of Coffee Busted

Coffee, the titular drink that starts a wholesome day for millions of insomniacs (and people) around the world, has been loved for centuries, and we, here at are sure that coffee will be loved for centuries more to come.

6 Myths of Coffee Busted

We have carefully researched and listed down the most common coffee myths that you hear and after thorough research and discussions have concluded whether they are actually true or false. We hope you have a nice time reading this.

1.Coffee helps in considerable weight loss

Now you know why your better half is drinking truckloads of coffee! Caffeine, a stimulant present in coffee not only reduces one’s desire to eat, but also increases the metabolism in the body. Best of both worlds! Right?

Wrong. Drinking coffee might make you lose your appetite, but that loss of appetite is temporary because the body adapts to the intake of continuous coffee. And that slight increase in metabolism may help you in losing some weight initially, but in the long run, there is no evidence that coffee helps anyone in considerable weight loss.

2.Coffee can hinder one’s growth

This myth has no scientific backing, but mothers around the world stop their kids having coffee for this very reason and we are here to debunk it.

This myth started circulating decades ago when studies reported that caffeine may contribute to the contraction of osteoporosis, a condition that may attribute to the loss of height. The study found out that caffeine can increase the elimination of calcium from the body and this loss of calcium can contribute to osteoporosis. But, this is simply not true as the caffeine in the coffee does not eliminate amounts of calcium to contribute to osteoporosis. Myth debunked!

3. Coffee makes you poop

This myth is actually true, but studies suggest that only 3 out of 10, or 30% of coffee drinkers experience the urge to defecate after drinking coffee. Drinking coffee apparently stimulates the distal colon, which pushes out body waste more quickly. Scientists have still not proved why this happens, but believe that the acidic nature of coffee might be a contributing factor.

4. The darker the roast, the stronger the coffee

False. Longer roasting of coffee beans burns off the caffeine and gives out an acidic taste. Less roasted coffee has a slightly higher caffeine level and hence is stronger. You can now, put this myth to sleep.

5. A cup of coffee in the afternoon causes insomnia

This myth is not applicable to everyone. A cup of coffee in the afternoon does not cause insomnia. The effect of Caffeine usually lasts up about 5 hours, which is more than enough time for caffeine to be drained out from the system, which in turn does not contribute to insomnia.

6. Pregnant women should not drink coffee

Caffeine is the culprit for this myth again. Many experts recommend that the intake of caffeine per day should be less than 200 mg per day for pregnant women, which roughly equates to one cup (8 oz) of coffee per day. Hey pregnant ladies! If you’re still skeptical about drinking coffee, there’s always decaf coffee.


Coffee has become a lifestyle for many. And why wouldn’t it? After all the movies and the media have hyped coffee so much. I am a lover of coffee but I make sure I don’t over-drink it. Anything in excess proportions, has a harmful effect to health and life, and coffee is NO EXCUSE to such rule. With this we have DEBUNKED the SIX most common MYTHS on coffee. We hope you have had a nice time reading this article.

If you have more myths, that we haven’t debunked, then by all means, leave a comment below. Thank you once again for taking your time to read this. Cheers.

Written by Pramod Pai
Edited by Flenil D’Souza
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