How to Renew Vehicle Registration in Bahrain?

I recently had to renew vehicle registration in Bahrain. Since it was my first time, although my friends had guides me, I was still a bit confused. I did goof up a little but in the end got it done. Today, I am writing this article for all those people out there like me and also for myself for next year 😛

1. Renew your Insurance

Renew your insurance as fast as possible. I have my insurance with Gulf union. They have the option to complete the full renewal process online. So I log in, and click on renew my policy. I have to provide few basic personal details and it will give me the renewal premium and then I use my card to make a payment.

2. Drive to the General Directorate of Traffic

This is where I goofed up. I drove to the Driving School instead of the General Directorate of Traffic. If it is your first time, follow the location below.

As soon as you enter the gate, you will have to take a right which takes you to the vehicle inspection area. The authorized personnel will have a look at your vehicle and if everything is all right they’re going to give you a receipt which says pass.

I would recommend you wash your car before the day of inspection. Also make sure that your vehicle is in a good working condition and let it be serviced if needed.


3. Pay the Fee Online

Once you reach home or back to your office, log into and head over to Traffic, Vehicles and Transportation and then here select the vehicle registration renewal services. You can just google “Vehicle registration renewal bahrain” and it will directly take you to the page.

There will be an option to pay for the renewal at 20 BHD. Make the payment using your card and you are done. Be sure to add your email to receive the receipt for the payment for reference.

2023 update to vehicle registration passing after due date

My vehicle is on it’s 5th to 6th year. Passing was quick this time because of there being less crowd. I went on a Wednesday at 11 am. The only change this time is that I was asked to change the front number plate due to the color having being worn off.

From the passing area, take the left and head straight towards the end of the lane, left parking. There you will have technicians wearing orange shorts who will remove the number plates for you. After this, you will have to go building 3 to pay the fees for the new number plate. Here, take the token and wait for your turn. The charge is 3.5 BHD and you can use your card to pay. You will get a receipt here which is to be used later.

After completing the above, return to the same parking place, besides which there is a small building. Incase you are not sure,inquire with the orange shirt technicians. Here you will have to wait in que inside the building and make the payment of 1.1 BHD.

After this wait outside at the brown bench seating area to receive your plate. Waiting time for me was 10 minutes. After you get the plate with your receipt, approach the orange shirt technician who will fix it for you. After that you are done and can pay the fees online.

Late fee for Renewal of Vehicle Registration

It is 500 Fils per day subject to a ceiling limit of BHD 20.

That’s all folks.

Hope this was helpful to you. Incase there are other important points, please comment below for the benefit of all in our dear country Bahrain.

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