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Farmers Market Budaiya Bahrain at Botanical Gardens

The Farmers Market Budaiya Bahrain is located on the Budaiya highway in Bahrain. We went on a Saturday morning and had an amazing refreshing experience. So here we are today sharing more about this beautiful place.

What is the The Farmers Market Budaiya?

The Farmer’s Market Budaiya Bahrain is organized by the Agriculture and Marine Resources directorate at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning. It is located at Budaiya Botanical Gardens. You can find all kinds of local produce including vegetables, eggs, honey and so on.

They also have various food trucks serving delicious breakfast and snacks. There is a Mobile ATM machine at the main gate incase you suddenly need to withdraw money.

When is The Farmers Market Budaiya open?

This is the seasonal farmer’s market is organized annually at the Budaiya Botanical Gardens from December to April, and is open every Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM

Is parking available here?

Yes ample parking is available. However, if it gets crowded, it can be difficult to find parking.

What to do at the The Farmer’s Market Budaiya at Budaiya Botanical Gardens ?

  • Have breakfast ranging from Bahraini to continental
  • Go shopping for fresh vegetables, eggs, honey, dates, goat milk and so on.
  • Enjoy the beautiful view of the botanical garden including the pond.
  • Buy some beautiful plants or handicrafts.

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Where is The Farmer’s Market Budaiya located?

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