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Escape Code Bahrain

Escape Code Bahrain is located in Saar and also at Bahrain City Center. I visited the city center branch and so my experience will be based on this branch. It is located on the fourth floor of Bahrain City centre next to food court. They offer the escape room game experience in Bahrain and this was my first trying one.

What is an Escape room game experience for those trying for the first time?

You will be locked in a room with your team. You must all work together in solving the clues in the room to move to the next rooms and finally escape free.

What escape room game options do they have?

They have 3 escape room game options

1. Horror room

2. Harry Potter room

3. Game of Throne room

We chose the Horror room. It was a little scary but fun at the same time. It was nice that we had the option of clicking on the red clue button when we were lost. The staff was helpful and friendly. The escape rooms are quite high-tech, the clues are well thought of and it was a joy to finish everything with my team.

What is the price for Escape Code’s Escape Room Game?

The price is BHD 16 per person for an hour of the escape room experience.

What are the timings for Escape Code?

Their timings are 10 AM to 12 AM.

What is the contact for Escape Code?

You can call them on their landline on 17500024.

Is parking available here?

Yes the parking is available at the City center mall.

How does the transportation look like?

You can take a bus here or even drive here. I drove to this location.

Where is Escape Code located?

The one I went to is located on the fourth floor of Bahrain City centre and is right next to food court, and the other in Saar.

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