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Cafe Lilou Bahrain

Cafe Lilou Bahrain is located in Seef at A’Ali mall. Lilous is also located in other parts of Bahrain such as Adliya etc.. The offer French cuisine while also a bit of English and Continental cuisine. They are well known for their good English breakfast. To know our experience at the Seef branch and to know the best food to eat here, keep scrolling down.

Their timings are from 8 AM to 11:30 PM (Open till 1 AM on weekends)

You can contact them on 17583939

What is a must eat food at Cafe Lilou Bahrain?

Americano (coffee)

Hot chocolate

Harmonie de Baies Rouges (berry shake)

Red velvet cheesecake

Folios Bergère (Appetizers) – crisp chicken balls with cheese

Coup de Foudre (Sliders) – burger with crisp broasted chicken and coleslaw

Baked salmon

Moulin Rouge (croissant with scrambled eggs and other fillings )

Foule Haute Couture (pita bread with the main dip)

Chicken Caesar salad

Seafood risotto

Menu of Cafe Lilou Bahrain

Where is Cafe Lilou Bahrain located?

They are located at many places in Bahrain. We visit the one at Seef in A’Ali Mall.

Block 428, Al Aali Mall 2210, Road No 2827, Seef District, Bahrain

The Adliya branch location is below:

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