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Busaiteen Beach Bahrain

What is Busaiteen Beach Bahrain?

Busaiteen Beach Bahrain is located in Busaiteen Muharraq. This stretch of the beach starts with COVID testing centre, followed by food trucks and ends with a road to Busaiteen Seafront and Corniche Walkaway.

The Busaiteen Beach is a small beach on the outskirts of Manama. You can see the whole of Manama city’s Skyscrapers from here. Such a beautiful view in our beautiful country!

What are the timings for Busaiteen Beach?

Open all time. Best to go in the mornings to evenings for the beautiful view. Hard to see the view at night 😛

What to do here?

There are many things you can do here. They are:-

  • Take a Walk or run by the beach
  • Soak your feet in the water and relieve your stress
  • Take your pet for a walk here
  • Go to any foodtruck and enjoy the good food.
  • Go cycling here.

What is the contact for Busaiteen Beach?

It is a public beach, no contact person availble.

Is parking available with Busaiteen Beach?

Yes it is the beach after all!

How does the transportation look like?

I normally drive here! Not sure of alternative transportation exists.

What to do about the food in Busaiteen Beach?

There are many food trucks here, take a walk and hit up some good food.

Where is Busaiteen Beach located?

Drive till the end of the food trucks here and drive into the beach. You can also drive a little further and you will reach Busaiteen Seafront!

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