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Bahrain Fort – Karbabad Bahrain

Bahrain Fort is Located in Karbabad Bahrain, after Seef area. The area is open till 6 pm. The car parking is out side the main entrance. Once you enter the main entrance, you will need to walk on the brick road to the fort. As you walk the fort, you will notice the beach with a museum and a cafe and palm spring trees as well.

Bahrain Fort - Karbabad Bahrain

You will be lucky if the fort is open to go inside. We weren’t as we came in the evening post 5.

You can walk all around the Fort and admire this historical monument. You will notice how each side of the fort looks different from the rest.

In the end we walked to the beach and museum and then went back home.

Bahrain Fort - Karbabad Bahrain

What are the timings for Bahrain Fort?

8 AM to 6 PM – All days

What is the contact for Bahrain Fort?


What is the entry charge for Bahrain Fort?

Entry is free.

Bahrain Fort - Karbabad Bahrain

Is parking available at Bahrain Fort?

Available to an extent.

How does the transportation look like?

You will have to arrange your own transportation to reach this place.

What to do here?

Walk by the fort and admire the historical beauty.

What to do about the food in Bahrain Fort?

The cafe next to the museum has a nice chic outdoor seating by the beach if you’d like to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Bahrain Fort - Karbabad Bahrain Beach

Where is Bahrain Fort located?


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