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Al Bairoty Restaurant Bahrain Manama Hoora

Al Bairoty Restaurant Bahrain is located in Ras Rumman Near to Hoora Petrol station or Gudaibiya Divya textiles. They offer a wide range of Arabic Lebanese cuisine. We went here for their Arabic breakfast options. To know what we have had, scroll down below.

The staff were very polite. However they did not speak English fluently. So if you want to try what I had, just show them the pictures.

It had a warm sleek vibe and surprisingly although is close to where I live, have never tried it till today.

What to have at Al Bairoty Restaurant Bahrain

Hummus with meat (must try)

Hummus with foul (must try)

Falafel 6 pcs ( or 12 PC set)

Eggs with tomato (shakshuka)

Tea (amazing ❤️)

Vine leaves

Beiruti mix appetizers



Hummus sandwich

Liver sandwich.

Where is Al Bairoty Restaurant Bahrain located?

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