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Lucky Chan Bangalore Indiranagar – Bengaluru

Lucky Chan Bangalore is a Dimsum and Sushi Parlour. In short it’s a restaurant offering Japanese cuisine in Bangalore. They offer Dimsums, sushi, sashimi, nigiri, noodles, rice, Boba tea, mochi and many other Japanese dishes. To know what is a must try food here, read till the end.

The staff very polite and courteous. They helped me in making a good order.

From the outside you would think it’s a small Parlour. However, when you walk in, you will be impressed at how far it goes.

The ambiance is cherry blossom inspired and the granite wall brings the place together.

They have cute packaging water glass bottles.

You can contact them on 082960 31044

It is located at Indiranagar – see link below

Their menu is below

What is a must order at Lucky Chan Bangalore?

Charcoal Chkn Dim Sum

Raman Broth with Chkn

Spicy Avocado Maki,

Cucumber Creme Cheese Sushi

Chicken Dumpling in Butter Garlic Sauce

Marble Prawn Dimsums

Salmon Nigiri

Salmon Sashimi

Conveyor belt sushi

Lotus Biscoff Bubble Tea

Mochi icecream

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