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Fuddruckers Bahrain

Fuddruckers Bahrain offers breakfast, steaks, and a variety of burgers. You can order via Talabat or directly from their Website! They have branches at Adliya, Zallaq, BCC, Sanad, Juffair, Diplomatic Area & Durrat Al Bahrain.

I like to visit the Fuddruckers Adliya Branch because it is near to my house. There is ample parking available. The staff are very courteous and very kind. I could not have cold drinks and wanted something hot. They recommended Caribou which was right next door and infact, ordered my favorite coffee for me. This was really sweet.

Speaking of their food, I loved everything that I had to date. I also like to order their cheese, jalapeno cheese, or barbeque sauce when I order the main course. Both their breakfast and burgers are delicious. Breakfast ordering closes at 11:30 AM.

Basic Info

  • Location (Google Maps below): Adliya, Zallaq, BCC, Sanad, Juffair, Diplomatic Area & Durrat Al Bahrain.
  • Time: Open 24 hours (Delivery available & On Talabaat)
  • Contact: 17728728 (WhatsApp 39087913)

What is best to eat at Fuddruckers Bahrain?

  • Create your own Appetizer – I chose Chilli Cheese Fries, Buffalo Chicken Wings & Pizzaiola Quesadilla ♥ (Has sauce and veggie dips too)
  • Appetizer Platter

The below comes with vegetables and a choice of side dishes.

  • Ribyeye Steak and Shrimp Platter
  • 1/2 LB Hot Rock Burger
  • Country Fried Chicken
  • Chicken tender platter (5 pcs of chicken deep fried) – we love the baked potato and mashed potato as side dishes in any of their main courses.
  • BBQ Rosemary Chicken

Fudruckers breakfast – in all platters, you can choose coffee, tea and iced tea. There is refill for coffee but not iced tea.

  • American Breakfast Platter ❤️ – this has amazing pancakes.
  • Southwestern Platter ❤️ – hope I spelled it right.
  • Florentine Breakfast Platter
  • Western Omelette Breakfast Platter
  • Jumbo chili cheese dog
  • Fud fries

P.S. I love going for the unlimited free salads and sauces with my mains. However, I can never manage to go more than two times.

P.S. Their unlimited refills for soft drinks – I can go up to two times max here as well.

Smart Hack : If you have the rewards entertainer app, you can find many buy 1 get 1 free offers with Fuddruckers. You can thank me by subscribing to our email list below for all our updates. Entertainer is not applicable for breakfasts.

Fuddruckers Bahrain Menu

Breakfast Menu

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